Perm customs has banned the import of brass rifles at the customs post of the Airport of Perm

At the customs post of the Airport of Perm has stopped attempting to import brass rifle. The weapon was tried to a resident of the Perm territory for private purposes to use it as a hunting rifle.

Concerning the man criminal case concerning an administrative offense under article 16.3 of the administrative code of Russia for noncompliance with the prohibitions and (or) restrictions on import of goods into the customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union.

The subject of an administrative offense in the case was a rifle “Kral Temp Puncher Breaker” caliber 6.35 mm. included with the rifle discovered adaptor for filling cylinder, five rubber o-rings, extra strap screw, two stores with a capacity of ten bullets, nadolnik, three Allen key, pump for filling air.

In the framework of the customs control of a citizen were taken explanation. The man explained that he arrived on a flight Antalya – Perm, the rifle dropped, however, to provide permission for the importation of firearms could not due to the fact that his advance was issued. The citizen explained that he did not know about the necessity of obtaining a permit for the import or export of firearms. Purchase dangerous things abroad explained low cost.

In relation to the declared goods was carried out the customs inspection. For identification purposes this item was withdrawn and sent to the forensic service is a regional branch of ZACTU of Ekaterinburg for carrying out of customs examination.

The results of the customs expert examination provided by the study object was recognized as a rifle, which relates to hunting pneumatic weapons suitable for manufacture of shots used in pneumatic guns located on the muzzle of the barrel of the device for silent shooting (silencer).

According to the materials of the customs inspection, in accordance with the expert opinion in relation to the citizen initiated a case on administrative violation of the requirements established by the Federal law from 13.12.1996 № 150-FZ “On weapons”, the legislation of the Russian Federation on the state regulation of foreign trade activities and customs legislation of the Eurasian economic Union, namely the lack of compliance with international treaties of the member States of the Eurasian economic Union, decisions of the Eurasian economic Commission, the regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation of prohibitions and restrictions on the importation of goods into the customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union or the Russian Federation and (or) the export of goods from the customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union or from the Russian Federation.

The judgment of the citizen is found guilty of an offence and he was sentenced to confiscation of seized as subjects of the administrative offense of a product, with the subsequent destruction in accordance with the law.


Angela Belyaeva,
press Secretary of the Perm customs