Perm custom on the use of electronic signatures when completing statistical forms

Today the Federal customs service of Russia fully implemented the mechanism for the submission of statistical forms using electronic signatures. Its application gives the applicant the tangible benefits such as:

– does not require the submission of statistical forms on paper, statistical form is transmitted via the communication channels remotely.

– automatically receive the registration number of statistical forms occurs within 1 minute;

– simplifies adjustment and speeds up the process of processing the statistical forms.

The signature statistics you can use the existing electronic signature. This requires on the website www. in the personal Cabinet of the participant of vneshneekonomicheskoi activities click “Test EP”.

If the existing electronic signature is not suitable for the provision of statistical forms or in her absence, to the electronic signature in the Departmental certifying center of the customs authorities or to a trusted certificate authority. Information about the certificate key of electronic signature is posted on the website “Departmental certification authority for customs” ( in the section “instructions for the issuance of certificates of keys of electronic signature”.

To submit a statistical form on paper (in person or by registered mail). A statistical form must be submitted to the customs authority of the region in which consist on the tax account. The mailing address of the Perm customs: 614064, Perm, street of Heroes of Hasana, 46.


In accordance with the Rules established by the government of the Russian Federation of December 7, 2015 № 1329 “On the organization of statistics of mutual trade of the Russian Federation with member States of the Eurasian economic Union” (hereinafter – the Rules) to the customs authorities of the Russian Federation serves a statistical form.

To complete and submit statistical form is required for goods transported between the Russian Federation and the Republics of Belarus, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia, the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic.

In accordance with paragraph 3 of the Rules of the statistical form is not filled and does not appear in the following cases:

  • for goods exported by physical persons of the Russian Federation for personal use;
  • on goods transported by certain categories of persons enjoying advantages, privileges and (or) immunities in accordance with international treaties, diplomatic missions, consular institutions, other official missions, international organizations of States members of the Eurasian economic Union;
  • on transit goods;
  • goods for the repair or maintenance;
  • for goods containing information pertaining to state secrets;
  • goods subject to customs Declaration in accordance with the customs legislation of the Eurasian economic Union and the normative legal acts of the Russian Federation;
  • goods necessary for the functioning of the Baikonur complex and exported from the Russian Federation on the territory of the complex “Baikonur” or imported from the territory of the Baikonur complex to the Russian Federation;
  • goods intended for demonstration and (or) use in the course of the exhibition and fair events, cultural, sporting and entertainment events;
  • the goods supplied under the contract of pledge;
  • the goods delivered for samples and specimens;
  • reusable shipping container;
  • goods imported (exported) to the complaint;
  • on goods temporarily imported into the Russian Federation or temporarily exported from the Russian Federation for a period of less than one year (except for goods intended for internal or external processing and is leased for a term exceeding one year).
  • Angela Belyaeva,
    press Secretary of the Perm customs