Perm custom: in the interests of society in the process remains continuous

In the period of announced holidays of the Perm customs provides a priority order of commodities and goods necessary for the enterprises of the Perm region for the implementation of its activities.

In the Perm customs and its customs officials continue to perform their duties, including the operation of enterprises with continuous production cycle.

From 30 March 2020 at the Berezniki customs office was released 6 declarations for goods supplied as separate components for a decision on classification in accordance with the HS EEU taken by the FCS of Russia, with payments of 37 million 600 thousand rubles. The import and production of these components allowed us to continue the successful implementation of the project for the construction of “Ammonia-urea-melamine”, completion of which is planned in 2020. Declaration of goods is carried out in 2018, just transferred to the Federal budget customs payments for the sum more than 4 billion.

At all customs posts of the Perm customs currently completing the procedure of customs transit of goods arriving at the enterprises of the Perm region and the placement of goods under the customs procedure of customs transit, as well as the performance of customs operations involving the placement of goods in temporary storage. Perm custom provided the completion of the customs procedure of customs transit and to perform other customs operations preceding the submission of customs declarations, as a matter of priority in respect of goods of the first necessity.

In collaboration with the Center for electronic Declaration the electronic customs Volga Volga customs Department during the period
30 March-2 April 2020 was released 387 customs declarations for goods in the region of Perm customs.

In the Perm customs created operational headquarters for the adoption of preventive and precautionary measures in connection with threat of the spread of a new coronavirus infection. For the purposes of informing of participants of foreign economic activities, as well as solving issues associated with the Commission of customs operations in respect of goods of the first necessity, food and medical supplies running a call center.

Angela Belyaeva,
press Secretary of the Perm customs