PAL’nikovskogo customs post – the leader in the application of digital technologies in the structure of the Perm customs

PAL’nikovskogo customs post – the leader in the application of digital technologies in the structure of the Perm customs

Perm custom began to study and plan the implementation of the development Strategy of the customs service of Russia until 2030. To achieve the set task was analyzed the execution of the concept until 2020.

In 2008 was created by PAL’nikovskogo customs post of the Perm customs. The region of the customs post includes most of the Perm region. PAL’nikovskogo customs post carries out more than 50% of all customs operations in the Perm customs. Concentration of customs operations connected with the presence of PAL’nikovskogo customs office additional competencies relating to excisable and certain types of goods and commodities moved using ATA Carnets.

On PAL’nikovskogo customs post of the Perm customs successfully applied a new customs technology. Constantly improving methods of customs control. Officials of the customs post was reached on the key indicators of development of the Federal customs service of Russia until 2020 (10 steps to meet the business) in the application of automatic algorithms. However, PAL’nikovskogo post does not stop on achieved results and actively implement the use of automatic algorithms for registration and issue of transit declarations. The results for the 1st half of 2020 100 % of transit declarations were issued in electronic form.

A Testament to the professionalism of the staff of the customs post is a continuous work of participants of foreign trade activities that represent the products of the Perm edge in world markets. Among the enterprises engaged in foreign trade in the region of the post, is a legal entity included into the Register of authorized economic operators and the Register of owners of temporary storage warehouses: JSC “UEC-PERM MOTORS” JSC “SIBUR-KHIMPROM”, JSC “GOZNAK” JSC “UCC “URALCHEM”, LLC “HENKEL RUS”, LLC “FORWARD”, OOO “KAMA CARDBOARD”, OOO “SVT LOGISTIKA”. The specified enterprises shall cooperate with officials of the post for the temporary storage of goods in electronic form only.

The post is open from the end of 2018 in terms of post of actual control in close cooperation with the centers of electronic Declaration, which is not possible without 100% digitization of the entire process of customs control. This system of interaction not only reduces the time for customs operations, but also significantly optimizes the logistics costs of foreign trade goods, is transparent to the business and effective for the state.

Mary Zhukova,
press Secretary of the Perm customs