Our duty to the dead defenders of the Motherland

Kursk customs officers carried out work on the improvement of military graves of two soldiers of the red Army who died in 1943 during the liberation of the Kursk region from Nazi invaders.

In the village of Russkoe-Porechnaya Kireyevka area is a mass grave of 28 Soviet soldiers who died liberating the village in February 1943. The names of the five fighters are identified. Over the mass grave in 1963 by V. V. Kudin was a memorial monument depicting a soldier with a gun on his chest and helmet in hand.

In the village of Krupets ryla district is located a mass grave in which are buried 128 of Soviet soldiers who died in the former Krupetskaya area in February – August 1943. Names 117 of which are contained in the registration card military burial. Over the mass grave in 1958 by J. V. Priputnev was erected a plaster monument to lay a wreath soldiers.

Over the years, the monuments have been repeatedly repaired, but the years take their toll, and the quality of 60-year-old brick finish and wished the best. Pedestals of monuments required major repairs.

Officials of the customs posts MAPP Sudzha, Kursk, Peaceful, Zheleznogorsk, Krupetskaya, checkpoint Krupets and functional departments of customs decided to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war to repair the monument to fallen Soviet soldiers.

Together with the administrations Porechenskoe and Krupetskaya village councils for voluntary contributions of the officers of the custom work was done on the improvement and maintenance of war graves.

“We all have someone from the family did not return from the war,” – said the head of the customs post MAPP Sudzha Sergey Vanzha. – “On the eve of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory wanted to do something tangible for the fallen defenders of the Motherland. We are pleased to have this opportunity”.

Chapter Krupetskaya Council Vladimir Anokhin and Porechenskoe of the village Council Elena zhadanov expressed sincere gratitude to the officers for saving the memory of Fatherland defenders and the improvement of military graves.

Our inquiry: On the territory of the Kursk region, according to information contained in the regional Book of Memory, is about 600 different military cemeteries of the great Patriotic war: mass graves, single and group burials. Each grave each year on the district military Commissariat and has drawn up a registration card military burial with information about the number of victims, location, time and circumstances of death, and in the presence of name list.

In fact, graves and mass graves on the territory of the region was more in a combat situation the main thing was to promptly bury their dead comrades.

50 years in the Kursk region there were mass events for reburial of the dead soldiers on the territory of large settlements. At the burial site established monuments, obelisks, created memorial complexes.

Sergey Bryantsev,

press Secretary of the Kursk customs