Novosibirsk customs has tightened control

Novosibirsk customs has tightened control

In connection with the appearance on the territory of the people’s Republic of China coronavirus infection in the air crossing the state border of the Russian Federation Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo) strengthened control measures by the customs services to protect from a possible spread of the virus.

At the customs post of the Airport Tolmachevo tightened control in respect of goods of the citizens arriving to the Russian Federation from the countries of South-East Asia, namely: provided 100% control of hand baggage with the aim of preventing imports of live animals and products of animal origin, including food.

Under a temporary ban for a period until 1 March 2020 also got the import and transit through territory of Russia of all kinds of exotic and decorative animals, insects and fish from South-East Asia, products and derivatives of them. Suspended permits for their import to Russia, previously issued by Rosselkhoznadzor.

The Novosibirsk customs has also taken steps to prevent importation of controlled goods (food, animal and plant products) in international mail poisoning. Parcels of such goods will be returned back to China.

Tatiana Suprunova,

a press-the Secretary Novosibirsk customs