Novosibirsk customs: citizens were more likely to violate the law

The number of violations identified in the monitoring process at the customs post of the Airport Tolmachevo for the first 2 months of 2020 has increased by almost 20%.

From January to February 2020, the inspectors of the customs post Tolmachevo Airport opened 159 cases of administrative offenses against the citizens crossing the border by 30 more than in the same period of 2019.

This is mainly an administrative case under part 1 of article 16.2 of the administrative code (failure to Declare goods), article 16.3 of the administrative code (violation of the prohibitions and (or) restrictions on import or export of goods) and article 16.4 of the administrative code (failure to Declare or false Declaration of individuals cash).

Due to the violation of the prohibitions and restrictions of the passengers was seized cigarettes, electric shock devices, knives, hunting cartridges, stuffed endangered species crocodile, coral, supplements content of strong chemicals, saplings of various plants, seeds etc.

Head of Department of administrative investigations of the customs post Airport Tolmachevo Alexander Dorozhkin said: “people mistakenly believe that if foreign countries are sold such goods as, for example, suriken, knuckles, biologically active additives, and in Russia they can be imported. People forget that the importation of arms and hard substances in the supplements and medicines in our country is prohibited or restricted. In the absence of special permission, in the process of customs control of these items shall be withdrawn and sent for examination. As a result, seizure of the subject of the offence and the initiation of administrative proceedings against citizens who transferred such goods.”

Among the most frequent misconceptions of the inspectors of the customs post Airport Tolmachevo also note cases where citizens, knowing that in accordance with the legislation you can move across the border without declaring cash in the amount of 10 thousand US dollars, do not consider that it is necessary to consider the total amount available to yourself of cash in different currencies: dollars, euros, rubles, etc. In that case, if the sum exceeds 10 thousand dollars in the equivalent, you must fill in a passenger customs Declaration and pass in the “red” corridor.

Administrative liability is incurred by a person who, without a written Declaration, moves across the customs border of cash in the total amount exceeding 10 thousand US dollars and to criminal responsibility, without a written Declaration of more than 30 thousand U.S. dollars.

Punishment under article 16.4 of the administrative code (failure to Declare or false Declaration of individuals cash) is a fine of up to twice the amount of undeclared cash, or confiscate them.

For committing a crime under article 200.1 of the criminal code (Smuggling of cash and (or) monetary instruments) provides a penalty of a fine in the amount up to fifteen times the amount of illegally transferred cash.

Novosibirsk customs office also reminds that from February 2020 when the cross-border movement of cash in the sum more than 100 thousand U.S. dollars, you must confirm the origin of the money documents. Supporting documents must be submitted simultaneously with the submission of the passenger customs Declaration.

With the applicable restrictions and limitations can be found on the official website of the Federal customs service in the section “for individuals”, and on special stands in the information areas of the airport.

In addition, anyone can get free advice on issues of customs legislation in the legal Department of the Novosibirsk customs. Hours of admission and the procedure of providing custom Novosibirsk state counselling you can learn by phone: (383) 278-20-75 (the answering machine).

Contact the Novosibirsk customs with a question perhaps by e-mail: While applying, you must specify the surname, name and patronymic, and the address for feedback.

Tatiana Suprunova,

a press-the Secretary Novosibirsk customs / таможенные брокеры калининград