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The head of the department of commodity nomenclature and origin of goods of the service of federal customs revenues of the North-West Customs Administration Galina Kushner took part in the round table on “Judicial practice on the issues of adjustment of the customs value of goods. Appealing decisions, actions (inaction) of customs authorities in courts”. The event was organized by the Union “Leningrad Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry” in order to promote the development of enterprises participating in foreign economic activity of the North-West Federal District.

Representatives of the Arbitration Court and the Office of the Commissioner for the Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, experts and lawyers in the field of foreign economic activity were also invited to speak at the meeting. The event, moderated by Irina Panchenko, Senior Vice President of the LOTPPP, addressed issues related to minimizing the risks of participants in foreign trade activities

Galina Kushner told the audience about the requirements imposed by customs authorities to non-preferential certificates of origin of goods. She explained that determining the origin of goods is necessary for granting tariff preferences, applying measures of customs-tariff regulation, prohibitions and restrictions, protecting the domestic market, retaliatory measures, as well as for maintaining foreign trade statistics

Specialist of the NWTU informed about the legal framework and rules for determining the origin of goods in the EAEU

In accordance with the legislation, the origin of goods is confirmed in all cases when the application of measures of customs tariff regulation, prohibitions and restrictions, measures to protect the domestic market depends on the origin of goods, – explained Galina Kushner. – In order to protect the economic interests of producers of goods (both Russian and producers located in the EAEU countries), special protective, anti-dumping and countervailing measures against third countries are determined. The introduction of a special protective, anti-dumping or countervailing measure on imports of goods is preceded by an investigation conducted to establish the existence of increased imports into the customs territory of the Union and the resulting serious damage to the sector of the economy of the EAEU member states or a threat to the economy of the EAEU member states Within the framework of these investigations the presence of dumping or subsidized imports into the customs territory of the Union and the resulting material damage to the industry of the economy of the Member States, or the threat of such damage, or a significant slowdown in the creation of the industry of the economy.

Galina Kushner listed the main safeguard measures currently in force that provide for the levying of anti-dumping duties and provided information on the categories of goods that are subject to such duties

She also spoke about retaliatory measures in respect of certain categories of goods originating from unfriendly countries, the scheme of levying the increased duty rate and the main requirements for issuing a non-preferential certificate of origin

The employee of the NWTU gave examples of revealing false information about the origin of goods by customs authorities and spoke about court practice in this area.

An employee of the NWTU gave examples of revealing false information about the origin of goods by customs authorities and told about judicial practice in this area

Galina Kushner concluded her speech by answering questions raised by the business community

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