Nearly 150 Russian trucks returned to Russia from China over the past day in the Primorsky Krai

Nearly 150 Russian trucks returned to Russia from China over the past day in the Primorsky territory

149 cargo vehicles issued by the customs on the entry of China in the checkpoint checkpoint Border in Primorsky Krai on 6 April 2020. 93 car returned empty. From Russia to China has left 12 trucks.

At the initiative of the Chinese side from 6 April 2020, temporarily halted motor freight transportation across the Russian-Chinese border crossing points MAPP Border, DAPP Poltavka and Turiy Rog, located in the area of the Ussuri customs.

Given the need to return to the drivers of large trucks to the Homeland, Chinese and Russian customs authorities at the checkpoint MAPP Border 6 April 2020 worked until 00:00 hours. April 7, 2020, customs officers at the checkpoint checkpoint Border crossing will issue approximately 20 remaining cargo vehicles arriving from China.

The work of checkpoints on the Chinese side suspended indefinitely. Officials Ussuri customs in all three border crossings are in the workplace and, if necessary, ready to carry out customs supervision arriving from abroad of goods.

Today the truck market in the far East actually operates in the automotive and mixed border crossing points MAPP Zabaykalsk, Blagoveshchensk SPP, DAPPA Staroturukhansk.


The decision on the temporary closure of border crossing points was made by the authorities people’s Republic of China. According to the foreign Affairs Office of the people’s government of Heilongjiang province this decision was due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation in China and the absence of the Chinese side to ensure full quarantine control.

Information about the reopening of checkpoints will be increased as it proceeds from the Chinese side.

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