My years – my wealth! North Caucasus customs administration 10 years!

My years – my wealth! North Caucasus customs administration 10 years!

The official starting point in the history of management is 12 July 2010. FCS of Russia issued a decree No. 1275, from this day on, the North-Caucasian customs Department entered into a single system of customs authorities of the Russian Federation.

Today ctvuu uses a deserved authority in the North Caucasus Federal district, contributing to the development and expansion of foreign economic relations of the North Caucasus. Over 10 years in the region the activities of the office was built a modern customs infrastructure, established the basic principles of customs operations, developed and implemented the latest technology in customs. Analyzing the work done and setting priorities in the further performance of duty, today we celebrate the birthday anniversary of the North-Caucasian customs Department.

In the morning in the festively decorated lobby of the administrative building officials waited for the surprise on the projector was shown Amateur videos, together: in honor of the decade were conquered 10 peaks of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. All participants received a charge of joyful and cheerful mood, for yourself or colleagues on video.

In honor of the feast had prepared a small concert, which was attended by officials of the customs bodies of the management region.
The first number in honor of the anniversary song “Officers” in the performance of the head of Department of telecommunications, and systems engineering ensure Mineralovodsky customs Alexander Lednev.

Was invited as the chief state customs inspector of Department of inspection and crime prevention personnel management service Olga Sushkova with a lyrical song “Clouds”.
The final song, “I love you, life” was performed by the main state customs inspector of legal Department of the North Caucasus e-customs Alexander Kovalevsky.
Following the event, for conscientious work, considerable personal contribution to protection of economic interests of the Russian Federation the most worthy customs officers were awarded departmental awards of the head of the FCS of Russia Vladimir Bulavina, as well as letters of thanks of the head ctvuu albert Mavlikov.

Head of North Caucasian customs office the General-the major of customs service albert Vasilevich Malikov congratulated all the officers and veterans of the customs service, and wished everyone fruitful work for the benefit of the Fatherland, to maintain and develop the best traditions with honor and dignity to carry the proud and honorable name of a Russian customs officer.

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