Murmansk customs informs individuals on how to pay customs fees when receiving international mail

In order to comply with the measures for the prevention of infection coronavirus infection Murmansk customs informs on the procedure for payment of customs payments payable to individuals upon receipt of international mail (MPO) and/or goods delivered to the address of physical persons from abroad via courier.

Currently, individuals must pay the customs duties and taxes in cash to the following account:

Recipient – inter-regional operational FSA (FCS of Russia)

INN – 7730176610, CAT – 773001001, THE RCM – 45328000

Beneficiary’s Bank –the operations Department of the Bank of Russia Moscow 701

BIC – 044501002

Account number – 40101810800000002901

Making a payment document is permitted only one customs and other payment (budget classification code).

When filling settlement documents shall be filled in the following fields:

Field – INN of the payer

(101) – a two-digit indicator of the status of the payer:

“16” – participant of foreign trade activities – a natural person,

“17” – participant of foreign economic activity – an individual entrepreneur,

“18” – the payer t/fees, non-declarant, to whom the legislation of the Russian Federation responsible for the payment of t/payments

“20” is a credit institution issued payment document for each payment of the physical person on transfer of customs duties paid by natural persons without opening a Bank account.

(104) – budget classification code – KBK 15311009000010000110

(105) – the value of the RCM code of the municipality in accordance with the national classification of territories of municipal formations – 45328000,

(107) – eight-digit code of the customs authority -10000010

On all arising questions to address by phones:

Murmansk customs office: (8 8152) 282-351, (8 8152) 282-353, (8 8152) 282-355.

Legal Department: (8 8152) 282-366.

Alla Sveshnikov,
press Secretary of Murmansk customs