More than 100 tons of transit goods imported in violation of customs regulations, Chita was detained by customs for 4 months 2020

Over 100 tonnes of consumer goods (toys, bedding, dishes, appliances, clothing) was detained by the staff of the Chita customs, from January to April of 2020. The company tried to import them to Russia, not putting information about them into the transport documents and transit declarations.

As told Deputy head of the Chita customs enforcement Alexey Rozhnov, from the beginning of 2020 in the region of the Chita customs on 8% increase in the transit of consumer goods from China to the address of the companies registered in the Republic of Belarus. Where previously these companies have specialized in products industry group: machinery and equipment, ferrous metal products, and devices and other.

Consumer goods imported through border crossing points MAPP Zabaikalsk and checkpoint Zabaikalsk. While on the packages of goods transported, there was no any information about their name, weight, quantity.

In the course of customs control upon arrival of goods into the territory of Russia, and also when they are placed under the customs transit procedure the employees of those positions identified statement of false information about goods. The suppression of these offences will continue to exclude non-payment of customs duties and taxes during customs Declaration of goods in other regions.

Chita customs on the facts of revealed violations in 4 months of 2020 has opened 67 cases of administrative offenses under part 3 of article 16.1 Code about administrative offences of Russia (the message to customs body of inaccurate information on the number of cargo packages, about their markings, weight). The goods which are the subject of an administrative offense, is withdrawn. For this violation the penalty for legal persons – a fine from 50 to 100 thousand roubles with confiscation of the goods which are the subjects of the administrative offense.

Currently, the majority of prosecution of administrative offences referred to the courts in Zabaykalsky Krai. By results of consideration of a case by a magistrate Zabaykalsky district court adopted the decision on appointment of the company’s fine – more than 50 thousand rubles with confiscation of the goods.


Marina Boiko, press Secretary Chita customs

tel: (3022) 35-76-12