More than 1.6 billion roubles of customs payments transferred to the Federal budget of the Khabarovsk customs for 4 months 2020

For 4 months 2020 Khabarovsk customs transferred to the budget of the Russian Federation customs payments for the sum more than 1,6 billion roubles. It is 2.9 billion less than in 2019.

As told acting Deputy chief of the Khabarovsk customs Tatyana Baturina, the reduction of transfers of customs payments to the budget primarily due to the decline of trade flow in the region of customs activities for import and export component.

The composition of the paid customs duties included import and export duties, VAT, customs and utilization fees, fines and other customs payments.

More than 641 million rubles amounted to a customs duty for the export of goods. In January – April 2020 the main exports were wood, food products and agricultural raw materials, metal products. The largest trading partners in export operations steel – China, Philippines, Germany, Republic of Korea, Japan, USA, Taiwan and France.

Import duties amounted to 182,9 million. The main products of steel imports machinery, equipment and vehicles, chemical products, textiles, textile products and footwear, metal products, food products and agricultural raw materials. Trading partners in import operations were China, the Republic of Korea, USA, Germany, France, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy.

More than 753 million rubles listed in the Federal budget payments made VAT 28.5 million rubles of customs and utilization fees, was 2.3 million roubles fines imposed by the court revealed at the Khabarovsk customs violations of the customs legislation.

For Jan – APR 2020 export-import operations were carried out 555 EEA participants, which is almost 11% less than in January – April 2019 (2019 – 623 traders).

28% compared to the same period last year decreased the number of the customs declarations (DT), 2020 – 7395 DT, 2019 – specified is 10389 DT. The decline has affected the turnover by 42.5%, including export – by 34.6%, import – by 95.1 per cent.

Foreign trade turnover decreased by 54.6%, including exports – a decline of 41.5% of imports – a decline of 72.4% of.


Elena Popova,

the press service of the Khabarovsk customs

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