Mineralovodsky customs officers met the 75th anniversary of the great Victory

Mineralovodsky customs officers met the 75th anniversary of the great Victory

A number of commemorative events held in Mineralovodsky customs in anticipation of a significant event – 75-anniversary of the great Victory of Soviet people over fascist aggressors. In memory of loved ones – participants of the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945 and the home front, Mineralovodsky customs officers have shared precious time with their family photos, letters from the front, premium leaves of their relatives. These materials formed the basis of the exhibition titled “We remember! We are proud of!”.

On the eve of significant dates of the children of customs officers have prepared an exhibition entitled “Dove of peace”. Dozens of birds, executed in different techniques, filled the customs house. Located near the stand of “Secret weapons of the Third Reich” with educational information about the role of pigeons in the great Patriotic war.

May 8, in Mineralovodsky customs started the all-Russian Patriotic action “George ribbon”. All who despite everything, continue to serve, congratulated on the upcoming holiday and handed St. George ribbons. Continued day holiday by laying flowers at the memorial “Fire of Eternal glory”. Customs officers honored the memory of war veterans – the living and the dead – all those who are fighting with the enemy at the front and working in the rear, hastening the day of victory over fascism.

Goes farther into the story far may one thousand nine hundred and forty-fifth, fewer still of those who survived the terrible war. But we will always remember the price paid for this the greatest day in the history of mankind, in the history of our multinational country. In these festive days of may, the team Mineralovodsky customs expresses its gratitude to all veterans of the great Patriotic war and homefront workers for present world and promises to keep in their hearts and give the children a pride for their sacrifice and memory of those tragic events.

We remember! We are proud of!


Julia Kutaka,
a press-the Secretary of Mineralovodsky customs