May 23 – the day of formation of the Tula customs

Tula customs was formed on may 23, 1991. For 29 years, has repeatedly changed the structure of custom developed information technology has automated the process of declaring goods. Today in the Tula customs consists of five customs posts, located in the Tula and Ryazan regions.

Commodities – as a matter of priority

During the period of validity of restrictive measures relating to preventing the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19, Tula customs is working to ensure the stability of foreign economic activity.

On customs posts of the Tula customs out customs operations in respect of essential commodities and food, the list of which is defined by the government of the Russian Federation. When you import, apply the priority order of Declaration. Among the decorated goods – medicines, vaccines, diagnostic kits, laboratory reagents, rye.

Also the Tula customs released the goods Declaration, which are intended for the manufacture of antiseptics and disinfectants.

Work in a new status and promising customs technologies

In the context of the reform of the customs bodies in the main part of the Declaration of the array is moved in a specially created centers of electronic Declaration (CED).

February 5, 2020, changes were made in the Tula customs: from this date the customs ‘ actual control, carries out customs operations preceding the submission of declarations on the goods, and also require direct contact with the goods, means of transport or work with documents on paper. In the competence of the Tula customs release of goods declarations with licenses, consignments transported in an unassembled or disassembled form.

In addition, in the Tula customs continues to conduct transactions in respect of residents of special economic zone “Hub”.

The use of technology auto-enrollment and autopause allowed to significantly reduce the time of production of goods declarations. Currently, the average release time of goods in import – 62 minutes, when you export 22 minutes.

Continued implementation of promising customs technologies auto-registration of transit declarations. The percentage of such declarations in 2020 is 99.2 per cent. June 2020 the Moscow customs post, located in Ryazan, will be included in the objects of the pilot zone customs authorities for the application of technology for automated production of transit declarations.

Post-control action

Creation of the centers of electronic Declaration and customs of actual control outputs on the organization and carrying out customs control after release of goods.

In the framework of the post-control in 2020 held on 9 verification activities, the results of which assessed additional customs duties, fines and penalties for a total sum about 150 million roubles.

On guard of the law

Law enforcement – important direction in work. From the beginning of 2020 employees of the Tula customs initiated 12 criminal cases. Among the identified crimes – the movement of potent substances in international mail, the illegal reorganization of legal entities, the evasion of customs duties.

Was also filed 418 cases on administrative offences. Most of them (238 cases of AP) is associated with the violation of the terms of the submission to the customs authorities of statistical forms of the account of movement of goods, or the submission of statistical forms containing false information.

Svetlana Begunova,

press Secretary of the Tula customs