Law-abiding business, the customs office opens “green corridor”

Law-abiding business, the customs office opens “green corridor”

Novosibirsk customs invites businesses and organizations engaged in foreign trade, to participate in international projects on simplification of customs procedures, “Green channel”, “Simplified customs corridor” and “Mutual recognition of results of customs control in respect of certain goods”.

The project aims to significantly accelerate and simplify customs procedures for honest traders and are implemented in the Siberian customs management with countries such as Azerbaijan, India, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Israel.

Participation in these projects allowed the organization of low-and medium-risk level after the filing of the application to the customs office and its review of the FCS of Russia.

Free consultation on questions of customs legislation can be obtained in the legal Department of the Novosibirsk customs. Hours of admission and the procedure of providing custom Novosibirsk state counselling you can learn by phone: (383) 278-20-75 (the answering machine).

Tatiana Suprunova,

a press-the Secretary Novosibirsk customs