Kingisepp customs: two kilograms of “beauty” and administrative proceedings

The desire for beauty was the reason for initiation of proceedings about an administrative offense concerning the inhabitant of Ivangorod. The woman was crossing the border from Estonia into Russia through multilateral checkpoint Ivangorod using walking direction.

During oral questioning, the citizen denied the existence of the goods subject to customs Declaration in writing, the passenger customs Declaration and other documents were not provided

Carrying out customs control, officials of the customs post MAPP Ivangorod found that in the accompanied Luggage of the citizen is a box 41 with inscriptions in foreign and Russian languages. In the boxes were bottles of the viscoelastic solution containing sodium hyaluronate, which is designed to restore facial volume. Item weight exceeded two pounds.

The citizen explained that he moved the goods across the border for themselves and as gifts on March 8, beauty shots bought for a long time, therefore receipts confirming the purchase, has not. She said the total cost of the goods amounted to 1230 euros.

Based on the facts revealed in the course of customs control, namely: the nature and quantity of goods transported, it follows that they are not intended for personal use and must be declared in the prescribed manner.

According to the results of customs control established sufficient evidence of the existence of an administrative offense, expressed in the Declaration of goods. Responsibility for the Commission of the offense established by part 1 of article 16.2 of the Russian code of administrative offences.

 Olga Dyatko,
ress-the Secretary of the Kingisepp customs