Kingisepp customs has summarized the work for 2019

In the Kingisepp customs held a meeting on results of official activity for the year 2019. It was attended by the Deputy head of the Northwest customs administration head of legal services Leah Kozachenko, Leningrad-the Finnish transport public Prosecutor Alexander Hanifin, representatives of interactive territorial bodies of state authority and administration of the Kingisepp district.

The head of customs Igor Kozhanov noted that in 2019, according to some indicators, an increase is observed. So to the Federal budget lists 37 billion 311 million rubles of customs and other payments administered by customs, 25.6% more than in 2018.

Foreign trade turnover amounted to 2 billion 957 million US dollars (12% more than last year).

Indicators of turnover are also marked by increases in 2 times, imports – by 4.6 times due to the importation of goods of 25 groups “salt sulphur,” and 73 “ferrous metal products”, exports a simple 1.5 times due to the export of goods 28 groups “inorganic chemistry”).

The growth of the main indicators of foreign trade and, as a consequence of the increase in the levying of customs duties, linked with the construction of an infrastructure project “Northern stream – 2”. In the first place increased the volume Declaration in the region of activity of customs nalogoemkogo goods 73 groups of the FEACN of the cu – ferrous metals, 85 group – electrical equipment, 84 groups of equipment, 61, 62, 63 groups – clothing.

Igor Kozhanov analyzed the main directions of work of customs, announced the results achieved and the collective tasks for the near future.

One of the most important tasks is the implementation of customs control in the four border crossing points: rail, road, marine and two-way pedestrian.

The turnover of goods transported through the checkpoints, exceeded 53 million tons: the arrival – more than 3 million tons; the departures – about 50 million 500 thousand tonnes (same period last year – 44 million 471 thousand rubles.). The main volume of transported consignments accounted for sea transport – 87%, the share of rail transport amounted to 12%.

Number of transported vehicles across the border in 2019, broadly comparable level of the previous year and amounted to more than
604 thousand vehicles (2018 611,5 million).

For the year through the checkpoints proceeded more than 4 million individuals, of whom 96% through the checkpoint, (checkpoint 2.8 per cent).

Among others, one of the important components in the work of the customs authorities is the introduction and development of advanced information technologies: preliminary notification and remote release of goods, automatic registration and automatic issuance of customs declarations.

From 1 July 2019 Kingisepp customs implemented in 100 percent of the volume of mandatory preliminary information about goods transported by sea transport.

At the Ust-Luga customs post has conducted work on the design of marine Affairs in electronic form in the PSC Portal “seaport”.

Law enforcement activities of customs aimed at prevention, suppression and detection of crimes and offences within the competence of customs bodies of the Russian Federation.

In 2019 was 1074 cases on administrative offences, 36 criminal cases were started. Customs officials were withdrawn from illegal circulation of narcotic drugs: 975,69 grams of cocaine, 0.52 grams of heroin and psychotropic substances – 11.5 grams of cathinone.

Concluding his speech, Igor Kozhanov said: “In the coming year will require active participation of each customs officials in the decision set before the custom task, given the forthcoming reform of the customs bodies of the Russian Federation – conversion Kingisepp customs at the customs office of actual control”.

Participating in office meetings Leah Kozachenko, Alexander Hanifin, interactive territorial representatives of the public authorities assessed the activities of the customs for directions.

Viktoriya Bondareva,
the chief organizational-analytical Department, Kingisepp customs