June 1 is international children’s day – a holiday of happy childhood.

All the children look forward to summer. It’s not just the arrival of the heat, but also the opportunity for travelers. It’s a real treat as the long-awaited summer vacation! And in the day of 1 June in small heroes of the occasion appears twice more reasons for joy.

International children’s day and love is celebrated in our country annually since 1950. This is one of the world’s oldest holidays.

Today, more than 60 countries around the world on this occasion to organise various events, the protagonists of which are children. This exhibition of children’s art and performances by children’s musical groups, sports competitions and contests with prizes. It is important to remember that children’s Day is not only a happy holiday for the children themselves. It is also a reminder to the public about the constant need to protect the rights and interests of the child, all children grow up happy, learning, doing my favorite thing in the future become wonderful parents and citizens of their country.

As you know, the love for art in all forms opens every child from the earliest years. Every parent knows firsthand how creativity in all ages contributes to the formation of holistic, harmonious and diverse personality. But we must not exclude the fact that the fascination with sculpting or playing drums, not just child’s play, and the first small steps towards a big and important process. It may be that your little hero will become a serious musician or a great sculptor and the beginning of his career can become his life’s work.

Natalia Finogina,
press Secretary of the Vyborg customs


Dear colleagues! Glad to congratulate You on the remarkable holiday – the Day of protection of children.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our initiative and sent photos and videos for filling section SZTU dedicated to this holiday!

The section was a bright, fun, festive, cheerful, and Your children!


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Sincerely, the staff of the Department of public relations, North.