Irkutsk customs officers have passed anti-corruption testing

Irkutsk customs officers have been tested, aimed at determining the level of knowledge of anti-corruption legislation and willingness to resist attempts of inducement to corruption and corruption crimes in the customs environment.

Deputy head of customs Tayurskii Anastasia explained that the organization of the testing among the officers of the customs is one of the measures of a preventive nature. Testing allows us to determine the level of knowledge of legislative, regulatory and legal framework on combating corruption, awareness and ownership which, in turn, leads to the understanding of the “disadvantages” of corruption and the inevitability of punishment for corruption acts.

Testing took place in the framework of the regular thematic meetings with participation of the representative of the Baikal-Angara Prosecutor’s office.

Also at the meeting discussed specific measures aimed at combating corruption and of the novel anti-corruption legislation.

In particular, it was explained the order of application of penalties for corruption offences in accordance with the amendments made to this order in December 2019 (article 59.3 of the Federal law No. 79 – FZ “On state civil service of the Russian Federation”). Currently, penalties apply (as before) no later than six months from the date of receipt of information the Commission civil servants of the offence and not later than three years from the date of Commission of a corruption offense. At the same time (according to the novels) in this period does not include the period of temporary disability, vacation and other absence for legitimate reasons.


We remind that in the Irkutsk customs, in order to ensure the communication efficiency of the customs authorities with citizens, around the clock operates the “trust”.

Anyone may report information concerning legitimacy of actions of officials of the customs, as well as all the known facts of violations of customs legislation by number: 8(3952) 23-06-68.

Tatyana Krasavina,

a press-the Secretary of Irkutsk customs