Irkutsk customs office informs about the possibility of use in the “Personal Cabinet of the participant of foreign economic activity” information service “Customs inspection”

Irkutsk customs reminds employers and all interested parties about the possibility of using “Personal Cabinet of the participant of foreign economic activity” (on the website of the FCS of Russia) information service “Customs inspection”.

In 2019 this service in the Personal Cabinet of the participant of foreign economic activity has been modified in accordance with the provisions of applicable law.

Currently testing the technology of conducting customs inspections, which check the persons sent notice of the beginning of customs control and the requirements for submission of documents and information.

Information service “Customs inspection” provides the possibility to obtain a participant of foreign economic activity of the notification of the beginning of customs inspection in electronic form, as reducing the time spent on the shipment of paper documents.

The service “Customs check” also allow you to exchange between customs authorities and the audited entity documents and information (including, in the organization and carrying out of customs checks).

In addition, check persons using your Personal account provided the opportunity to review the results of the carried out customs control and the submission of objections to the inspection report.

In the framework of electronic interaction with the customs authorities traders can via Personal Cabinet to send in electronic form to customs authorities reports in accordance with established requirements.

In General, the use of the service “Customs inspection” reduces the load on the test person in terms of eliminating the need directions to the customs authorities documents and information on paper, as well as the time of the exchange of documents and information during and the results of customs inspection.

The undeniable advantage of this service for traders is that its use is not associated with additional financial costs. Therefore, the Irkutsk customs encouraged to actively use this information resource.

To access the service, you must complete the registration procedure in the personal Cabinet of the participant of foreign trade activities ( It should be noted that in the “dashboard” requires electronic signature.

Information associated with the operation of information service “Customs inspection, can be obtained at the Department of customs control after release of goods Irkutsk customs by phone: 8(3952) 26-15-36.

Tatyana Krasavina,

a press-the Secretary of Irkutsk customs / таможенный брокер новосибирск