Irkutsk customs in 2019 listed in the Federal budget of more than 29 billion rubles

The collection of customs payments in compliance with the current performance targets is one of the most important activities of customs, as customs fees are the basis of the revenues of the Federal budget.

Set the target for 2019 on transfer of customs payments to the state Treasury Irkutsk customs fully implemented. Just listed 29 billion 237 million rubles.

The payments for import of goods amounted to more than 26.4 billion rubles, while exports more than 2.3 billion rubles.

Scrappage fee when importing to the territory of the Russian Federation of motor vehicles amounted to more than 359, 2 million rubles. It was also listed other payments (excise taxes, fines, other non-tax revenues, and other) in the amount of 160,7 million.

The Deputy chief of Irkutsk customs Elena Tsvetkova emphasizes: “the Main challenge facing the Irkutsk customs, is the choice of optimal methods of customs clearance and control, which provide guaranteed receipt of customs payments. In 2019 the Irkutsk customs has achieved the highest amount of all the transfers in the budget of the Russian Federation for the last nine years, starting in 2010.”

Elena Tsvetkova explained that the increase in growth of volume of payments in the previous period occurred due to the possibility of electronic Declaration of goods of participants of foreign economic activity, regardless of its location, the result of which was additionally transferred into the budget of Russia more than 4.7 billion rubles.

In addition, in the region in the framework of investment projects of production in 2019, carried the import of technological equipment for reconstruction and modernization of existing productions and creation of new factory and production facilities, which also provided a significant amount of customs payments. In the framework of investment projects in 2019 was made the Declaration of goods at 2.5 billion rubles.

“The participation of the Irkutsk customs in the planning and implementation of large investment projects allows already at the preparatory stage to explore the issues of customs clearance procedures of imported technological equipment, including, including proactively obtaining preliminary decisions on classification of goods under the common Commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activities of the EEU”, – said E. Tsvetkov.

The largest participants of foreign economic activities, implementing on the territory of Irkutsk region investment projects, are the companies “RUSAL”, “Group “Ilim”, “pharmasyntez”, “TD “EuroSibEnergo”, “Magistral-TRANZIT” and others.

Tatyana Krasavina,

a press-the Secretary of Irkutsk customs