Irkutsk customs has presented the book, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the great Victory

On the eve of the Victory day Parade, at the Museum of history of the Irkutsk customs, the presentation of the book “In the same ranks with a Victory”, issued by Irkutsk customs and dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war. The book was published in may of this year.

For the Irkutsk customs, and for the whole country, may 9 is a holiday every year full of events, facts, various activities organized as a tribute to, honor and respect to the generation of winners.

The head of the Department of inspection and prevention of offences the Love Tomasikova explains: “This is the third book published by us and dedicated to the Victory Day. Earlier, on the proposal of the chief of Irkutsk customs Yuri Rusakov, we in different years were issued two books of Remembrance, which is based on private archives of officers of customs (photos, various documents, memoirs) were immortalized the names of relatives and friends of veterans – 107 of the great Patriotic war and home front workers. Among our relatives there, and heroes of the Soviet Union, order-bearers, and those who obscure sunk on the battlefield, there are those who tirelessly worked in the rear and raise children, and those who were prisoners in Nazi concentration camps. In this edition, we tried to remember a separate expensive and important for the Irkutsk customs, the events, moments in history, devoted to the Victory Day celebration, held in the period from 2000 to the present time”.

The Eternal flame Memorial in Irkutsk and other memorable places in the cities and towns of the Irkutsk region leaders, officials of customs and customs posts are pinned flowers, be honor and help veterans of the great Patriotic war and home front workers; held solemn meetings, concerts, exhibitions, sporting events and more. Traditionally Irkutsk customs officers – members of the movement “Immortal regiment”.

Every year since 2010, Irkutsk customs officers may 9 in Irkutsk took part in the solemn March of Victory. The book describes that a woman’s “box” Irkutsk customs became the first ever Victory parade in Irkutsk and established a tradition of annual participation of girls in the parade. This year, customs officers also long been launched a lot of preparatory work to participate in the Parade. Unfortunately, the current epidemiological situation in the Irkutsk does not allow for the procession.

On the 75th anniversary of the great Victory is the 45th anniversary of memorial Post No. 1 at the Eternal flame in Irkutsk. In the honor guard during the period from 1978 to 2013, in the school years here defended 34 of the head and the officials, employees currently in the Irkutsk customs office (including the Deputy chief of customs Eugene Mikhnevich). Some of the officers of the customs took over the carrying of the guard at Post No. 1 twice. Today honor watch continue to bear children of Irkutsk customs.

It should be noted that the Post № 1 in Irkutsk for his great contribution to heroic-Patriotic education of youth and the preservation of traditions awarded the order of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky of I degree, established during the great Patriotic war. At the time this award for outstanding achievements on the fronts was awarded to marshals Zhukov, Rokossovsky, Shaposhnikov. The post № 1 in Irkutsk – the first and still the only one in the country who received this high award.

All these events and more are reflected in the published book, the main goal of instilling patriotism among the officers, preserving the memory and the tradition of emphasizing the special importance and the greatness of the Victory Day.