In Yaroslavl have discussed topical issues of the fight against counterfeiting

19 Feb 2020 on the basis of the Yaroslavl customs held a seminar on the theme: “Actual issues of protection of intellectual property rights” and “Illegal circulation of tobacco products”.

The seminar was opened by the acting head of the Yaroslavl customs Sergey Komissarov: “Our region is a border, the goods coming under customs control, as a rule, is followed in large industrial enterprises, so the main work of the customs authorities to identify infringing goods is carried out on the domestic market, which is impossible without close cooperation with other law enforcement agencies. The aim of this workshop is to provide a new, practically relevant information from rights holders, as well as the search for new ways of interaction.”

In the joint the seminar was attended by: acting Deputy chief of the Yaroslavl customs Lyudmila Emelyanova, officials exercising control in the protection of intellectual property rights, as well as employees of Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Yaroslavl and Kostroma regions.

From the holders for the seminar was attended by representatives of the Law Bureau of Moscow “Shevyrev and partners” and LLC “Vlasta-Consulting”, representing the interests of the companies holders: Swarovski, Hermes, Burberry, Diageo, PUMA, OPEL, JTI Russia LLC, Philipp Morris and others.

During the seminar, representatives of rights holders affected practical aspects of the protection of rights to trademarks well-known brands, showed examples of counterfeit products, told about the signs of counterfeiting. The participants learned that consumers can do, using simple techniques to protect yourself from buying low-quality and sometimes even dangerous to health of tobacco and alcohol products. Buyers need to pay attention to suspiciously low price and the lack of excise stamps.

Rightsholders also noted that in recent years, many regions of Russia have become frequent cases of selling fake alcoholic products, which leads to mass poisoning of people, including those with a fatal outcome. There are cases of ignition of children’s toys due to using fake batteries. Separate cosmetics and perfumes cause allergies and damage the skin, and the use of counterfeit automotive parts has increased the number of road accidents.

Summing up the seminar, officials from customs, Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia and outlined the main objectives for the coming year, stressed the practical benefits of such events and the need to continue such a tradition.

Marina Malorossia
The chief organizational-analytical Department