In the Smolensk customs office the share of electronic transit declarations was without the participation of the inspector, has tripled

In may 2020 without the participation of customs inspector at Smolensk customs was 67% of electronic transit declarations (ETD), which exceeded the same period last year three times (APPG – 21%).

Technology for automatic registration of electronic transit declarations is at the stage of the experiment from the end of April 2019 and, as practice shows, is becoming more and more popular among the participants of foreign economic activity. Since the beginning of the experiment without the participation of customs inspector at the customs office was more than 1,300 transit declarations, accounting for 64% of the total volume was electronic transit declarations.

Total weight moved by him of goods exceeded 25 thousand tons. Registration of the Declaration in automatic mode is less than one minute, while the inspector under the rules is one hour from the time of its filing.

– Advantages of this technology in the region of activity of customs assessed more than 170 participants of foreign economic activity, – has explained the chief of Department of control of customs transit of Smolensk customs Oleg Sheluhin. – Automation of standard operations performed by officials of customs bodies, to speed up the release of goods and provides transparent customs clearance process.

Currently, the technology of auto-enrollment that may transport all types of transport, and since February of this year it is being implemented and on the preliminary transit declarations.

Smolensk customs encourages all traders to use this technology. It is beneficial as the customs, and the business and can significantly reduce the time of customs operations.

Oleg Sheluhin stressed that one of the important conditions for successful auto-registration – filling in the graph ETD in accordance with the requirements of the Decision of the Customs Union Commission of 18 June 2010 № 289 “On the form and procedure for filling the transit Declaration”. When making the declarant ETD is important to observe this condition, because the check for correctness of filling in the boxes and the lack of grounds for refusal of registration of the ETD is carried out in automatic mode.

In addition, for automatic check-in ETD matters the presence in the appropriate places information about the INN, OGRN, KPP carrier, the sender, the recipient, the principal non-mandatory in accordance with the provisions of the law on the EEU.

For any questions you can contact the division of control of customs transit customs on the phone (4812) 20 10 51, 20 10 12.

Vladimir Safonov,

press Secretary of the Smolensk customs