In the Samara region customs officers detained a consignment of counterfeit lighters

The batch of 232 thousand lighters detained in February 2020 mobile group of employees of the Samara customs together with employees of Privolzhsky operative customs.

The vehicle, EN route to Moscow, customs officials stopped near the village of Bolshaya Chernigovka (Samara oblast). In the cargo compartment of the vehicle was transported lighters, labelled known trademarks Marlboro, PARLAMENT, NIKE, RED BULL, BMW, TOYOTA, LEXUS, PORSCHE,WINSTON and others.

June 15 from the company “Philip Morris brands Sarl” owns the trademark Marlboro and PARLAMENT, received opinion on the counterfeiting of the delayed goods. Also for protection of their exclusive rights asked the owners of the trademark NIKE and RED BULL. Holders explained that similar products official companies copyright holders is not performed and the amount of damage is impossible to calculate.

According to the Deputy chief of customs Rustam of Tutaeva: “Offenders often use well-known brands for application to clandestinely manufactured goods, the most popular on the market, although the official manufacturers of such products are not produced”.

Thus, the actions of the sender and receiver of the goods seen violation of the rights of the companies, copyright holders, provided for by article 1484 of the civil code of the Russian Federation regarding the import of products with applied trademarks owned by the company. The production, sale, storage, import on the territory of the Russian Federation and/or other actions in respect of these lighters, constitute the offense of “illegal use of trademark” under article 14.10 of the RF code of administrative offences. The responsibility for such offences provides for administrative fines from 50 to 200 thousand rubles with confiscation of items containing illegal reproduction of the trademark.

Daria Metelkina,
the press-Secretary of the Samara customs