In the Pskov customs held a training seminar

In the Pskov customs in the framework of cooperation between the North-Western customs administration and rights holders for the protection of intellectual property rights held a training workshop on the protection of intellectual property rights.

In the seminar-training was attended by officials of customs posts, the employees of MIA of Russia for the city of Pskov, AMIA Russia’s Pskov region, representatives of Rospotrebnadzor. Invitation to the workshop and took the participants of foreign economic activity.

Training is conducted by the representatives of the company “Schmitt and Orlov intellectual property” and the representatives of the right holder “Howling VLG (international) Inc.”.

The speakers spoke about the protection of different brands of consumer goods: perfume, shoes, clothes, bags, balls, eyewear and cases for mobile phones. Also was presented for copyright protection of the company “Viacom International Inc.” on various popular cartoon characters.

Counsel drew attention to the distinctive features of the original products, gave examples of the most counterfeited product categories, considered the features of moving, logistics and interaction with representatives of right holders.

Customs officials compare the samples of original and counterfeit products with an example of products: shoes, bags, perfumes. The seminar participants were presented the samples to review and determine the originality of products.

In addition, representatives of rights holders voiced the examples of law enforcement practice in the protection of intellectual property rights.

Natalia Knyazeva,
press Secretary of the Pskov customs