In the Arkhangelsk customs organized an exhibition on Victory Day

In the Arkhangelsk customs organized an exhibition on Victory Day

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war in the Arkhangelsk customs organized a thematic exhibition.

The initiative of the Department of civil service and personnel at the customs office supported the Youth Council and veterans ‘ Council: together with colleagues they have issued in the Arkhangelsk customs Museum exhibition devoted to the war years. The great Patriotic war touched almost every family, and an important part of the exhibition is a selection of photos and text materials about veterans, war participants and home front workers – relatives of officers of customs. A special place in the exhibition takes children’s drawings: together with children, the customs officers issued a collage of works on the theme of memory of the war.

The exhibition includes a draft of the inspector Alla Fedorova dedicated to our compatriot, the cavalier of order of Glory, the sniper rose saninas, its heroic achievements and tragic fate. Among other things, the exhibition presents the personal belongings of the northerners at the front, uniforms and awards information on customs, not returned from the war and those who worked in the Arkhangelsk customs and after the Victory.

For years a vital source of knowledge about work in this period was a veteran of the great Patriotic war, honorary veteran of the Arkhangelsk customs Julia Pavlovna Petrova, who served in the customs from 1943 to 1946. The duties of the customs officers included the control over the compliance of the actual quantity and items the information stated in the documents for delivery. “Each pot of stew in the same way as each tank was worth its weight in gold – it is clearly understood customs officers. The change in the port lasted for 12-15 hours, the officers had to climb rope ladders even in a storm, in gas masks to inspect tankers with alcohol to continue working while aviastrikes” – said Yulia Pavlovna.

Pavel Kuznetsov,
press Secretary of Arkhangelsk customs