In Sochi identified two parcels with prohibited drugs

Foiled smuggling of potent substances in international mail.

Employees of Department on struggle against smuggling of drugs (ABCN) Sochi customs in the course of operational search activities was identified two parcels with illegal drugs imported into the territory of the Russian Federation.

Both packages arrived from the Republic of Kazakhstan the address of the inhabitant of Sochi. At the time of transfer of parcels the actual owner of the cargo, the citizen was arrested by customs officers. On the question of the contents of the parcel, the woman explained that they are drugs for weight loss, which she ordered over the Internet from the Republic of Kazakhstan one of the sites.

During the search of the packages was discovered drugs for weight loss foreign production: “the Magic beans for highly effective weight loss”, “wild berries”, “Elimination of excess weight, eliminating toxicity, skin care”, “Weight loss, eliminate toxin, beauty” and others. All were seized more than 2000 pills in blister packs and plastic containers.

Discovered drugs have been sent for expert examination to the forensic science center of UT MVD of Russia in the southern Federal district, Krasnodar.

According to the results of the examination revealed that the capsules contains a potent substance sibutramine, is included in the list of potent substances, prohibited for importation and trafficking in Russia. The total mass of the substance amounted to 763,06 G.

For the case of Sochi customs, transferred to the Department of internal Affairs of Sochi, is considered a question on excitation of criminal case under part 1 of article 226.1 of the criminal code (smuggling of drugs). The sanction of article provides for a maximum penalty of imprisonment for a term of three to seven years with a fine in the amount up to one million rubles.

Marina Zhupanova, press Secretary of the Sochi customs