Head of TSTU visited one of the largest Control Centers of electronic Declaration

During a working visit to the Smolensk customs of the Central customs administration head, Sergey Rybkin inspected the work of Smolensky (center for electronic Declaration) and Stalinskogo customs posts.

The choice of these units is not random. So, Smolensk customs office (CED) is a leader in the CTS by the number of declarations. For 2019 CED-decorated, over 190 thousand declarations of goods transferred into the budget more 156,8 billion roubles of customs payments, which is 88% of the transfers of customs and almost 29% of all listings of CTS.

Acting head of the Smolensk customs office (CED) Eugene Agafonov reported on the results of the work, told about the structure of fasting, created by the activities of the working groups. Such differentiation allows you to distribute the performance of the officials of the operations, taking into account their individual professional level, thus reducing the execution time of customs operations, to increase quality and efficiency of the post in General.

It should be noted that the post of Smolensk customs (CED) interacts with the actual control posts located throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. Significant electronic interaction with Starinskim customs post.

Stabna customs station for more than three years is almost a post of actual control. In the region of its activities is the largest in the Smolensk region of TLT. At the same time it can accommodate about 600 trucks.

The head of the post Vitaly Cherepnin reported on the results of operations for the year 2019. During this period the officers of the post carried more than 3,5 thousand customs inspections and examinations, and 13.7 thousand observations of the customs, 258 of samples and specimens of goods. The number of the operations at the completion of the customs procedure of customs transit exceeded 105 thousand. A remote release post interacted with 54 bedrooms seven customs posts of the customs offices at 110 thousand goods declarations.

Sergey Rybkin has discussed with the heads of the posts and the head of customs, the continuity of these units in the context of FCS of Russia reorganization of the customs authorities on the creation of a network of eight e-customs and 16 the electronic Declaration centers on the territory of the Russian Federation, spoke of customs officers and thanked them for their work.

Vladimir Safonov,
press Secretary of the Smolensk customs