Goods from duty free shop – only for individuals crossing the customs border

Goods from duty free shop – only for individuals crossing the customs border

The Taganrog customs officers at the multilateral automobile checkpoint (MAPP) Matveev Kurgan has stopped attempting to import into the territory of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU) of alcohol and tobacco products from the duty free shop citizen, not crossing customs border of Russia.

The driver of the truck MAN with a trailer delivered the goods for the duty free shop located at the customs post MAPP Matveev Kurgan. After the arrival of the whole shipment (of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, confectionery, watches) were placed under the customs procedure of free trade and sent to the warehouse store for further discharge.

Unloading the vehicles took place under customs control and have an empty cargo Bay, the customs officers sealed with the appropriate seal. Upon completion of all unloading the driver of a heavy vehicle sent the vehicle to the runway of departure from the territory of the customs post.

In the course of customs control, officials of the customs post found in the cabin and tool boxes, alcohol and tobacco products. Total found: 44 liters of alcohol (vodka “PUERTO” and “GREY GOOSE VX”, brandy “JP.CHENET” whiskey “JIM BEAM APPLE” and “BALLANTINES BRASIL”), as well as 1000 packs of cigarettes with filter (“GOLDEN GATE BY P&S”).

The driver explained that alcoholic beverages were purchased in the trading hall of a duty free shop for the upcoming wedding of his daughter. He showed the receipts on the part of alcohol and all cigarettes. Given the clear violation of the customs legislation, the Taganrog customs officers seized all the cargo and launched an investigation.

According to the Deputy head of the customs post MAPP Matveev Kurgan in the law enforcement work of Vitaly Biryukov, customs legislation clearly reglamentary rules of procedure of duty free trade. According to the Customs code of the EAEU goods placed under this procedure are implemented to individuals, descending from the customs territory of the Union and arriving in the customs territory of the Union. Violation of rules of the Customs code entails administrative responsibility.

Albert Smirnov, press Secretary of the Taganrog customs