Future customs officers visited Smolensk customs

The delegation of students of the third and fourth-year Russian University of Economics named after G. V. Plekhanov enrolled in the specialty “customs”, visited Smolensk customs and got acquainted with its work.

About the main directions of customs activities, it’s structure, as well as the necessary knowledge and skills that should be possessed by customs officials future colleagues said during the meeting, the head of customs Vladislav Easy and his Deputy Alexey Demidov. They answered the questions concerning the organization of practices in the customs bodies, the contests for vacancies and requirements to applicants for these positions.

Next, the students got acquainted with the work Krasninskiy tamozhennoj post, as well as stationary and mobile work group aimed at preventing the import of Russian goods from the list and embargo, with the technical support of mobile groups.

Available mobile groups of customs has four mobile complex on the basis of all-wheel drive of the FORD “TRANSIT”, which has in its composition diesel generator, office equipment and laptops, photo and video, allowing to perform Autonomous activities on the entire territory of the Smolensk region. The great interest of the students caused of software and technical means of customs control, which are equipped with complexes. Future customs officers found out what seizures are the most common, what tricks are violators, which identifies offenses.

Visited the guys of Smolensk customs post (the electronic Declaration center). He is a leader in the CTS by the number of declarations. For 2019 CED-decorated, over 190 thousand declarations of goods transferred into the budget more 156,8 billion roubles of customs payments, which is 88% of the transfers of customs and almost 29% of all listings of CTS.

Acting head of post Eugene Agafonov told about the results of the work on the structure of fasting, created by the activities of the working groups. Such differentiation allows you to distribute the performance of the officials of the operations, taking into account their individual professional level, thus reducing the execution time of customs operations, to increase quality and efficiency of the post in General.

Smolensk customs office (CED) interacts with the actual control posts located throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. Significant electronic interaction with Starinskim customs post, which was also attended by students. In the region of its activities is the largest in the Smolensk region customs and logistics terminal (TLT).

Stalinskogo head of the customs office Vitaliy Cherepnin in detail told the students about the stages of the products and the transactions performed with them from being put in temporary storage before their release, and had a tour of the post and TLT.

The students saw is subject to customs inspection, sampling and samples for investigation, visited the expert and research Department No. 2 included in the forensic service of the Bryansk branch of the Central forensic customs Administration of the FCS of Russia. Many questions and lively interest was aroused by the examination of the operation and used equipment, quality control of imported goods, including radiation, phyto and veterinary control.

Students and professors in practice to see how the profession of customs officer is interesting and multifaceted, a wide range of knowledge it requires.

The delegation had a great positive impression from information received and from what he saw. Thankyou to the management and officers of the customs came as teachers and future colleagues. Many of them in new ways felt the importance of the profession, which they will soon have to.

Vladimir Safonov,
press Secretary of the Smolensk customs