From Mongolia tourists trying to import goods for sale under the guise of goods for personal use

724 commercial consignments of goods imported without Declaration, revealed in 2019 Buryat customs officers at checkpoints on the border with Mongolia. These offences amounted to more than 30% of the total number of administrative cases initiated by customs last year.

According to the chief of Department of customs procedures and customs control of the Buryat customs Kirill Kozhemyakin, mostly without declaring imported clothing and products made of camel wool and skin production of Mongolian, Buddhist paraphernalia.

In addition to compliance with the weight and cost norms of duty-free passage of goods, customs officers draw attention to the nature of goods transported, it can be goods for personal use and goods for commercial purposes. So, if a citizen in the accompanied baggage in addition to 50 pairs of socks is almost nothing, then the customs inspector, a reasonable question arises: what purpose the product is imported for sale or for personal use? Even if it fits into the existing norms of duty-free transportation of goods – not more than 25 kg and not exceeding 500 euros equivalent. Or a citizen in a month 20 times went to Mongolia and was left with 20 hats in total for the month brought 200 hats. There are cases when citizens are trying to evade legitimate customs duties, hiding the goods under clothing or in the niches of the car.

For example, let’s do a simple calculation. Citizen brings 20 pairs of gloves made of wool that costs 4,000 rubles. It needs to fill the passenger customs Declaration and pay customs duty and VAT in the amount of 1280 rubles. In the case of not declaring he has to pay a fine of 2000 to 8000, with the possible confiscation of the goods, and in the case of concealment of goods from customs control, the penalty will be up to 12 000, or confiscation of goods.

We will remind that the passenger customs Declaration can be filled in advance in electronic form through the information service “Submission of the passenger customs Declaration” on the official website of FCS of Russia.

Free advice on moving goods across the customs border, may be obtained from the legal Department of the Buryat customs at Ulan-Ude, ul Voinova, 5. Calling the numbers: (3012) 289 016, 289 040.


Air transport without payment of customs duties is allowed to carry goods for personal use valued at less than 10,000 euros (equivalent) and (or) weight not exceeding 50 kg.

Other modes of transport (road, sea, railway) it is possible to import duty-free goods for personal use whose value does not exceed the equivalent of 500 euros, not weighing more than 25 kg.

When crossing the customs border is prohibited to move in the accompanied baggage of cold, firearms and traumatic weapons; the technical means for secret obtaining of information; preparations containing narcotic and psychotropic substances; agrochemicals.

There are also restrictions when moving in the accompanied baggage alcohol or tobacco products in the quantity exceeding established norms of duty-free import of such goods. You can bring 3 liters of alcohol per adult citizen and a carton of cigarettes.

Evgeny Kurbatov

press Secretary of the Buryat customs, (3012) 289 078