From February 20 begins to operate the Central electronic customs

From February 20 begins to operate the Central electronic customs

On February 20, 2020 creates a Central electronic customs (Tselt). New customs authority subordinate to the Central customs administration. The decree issued by the Federal customs service on 7 February 2020. The custom will be to the address: 107140, Moscow, PL Komsomolskaya, d. 1, p. 3. Assigned code: 10131000. Region of the Central activities of e-customs it is the Russian Federation.

According to the Central customs administration head, Sergey Rybkin, the creation of a Central electronic customs takes place in the context of the Federal customs service of large-scale reform, which will ensure the digitalization and automation of the customs Declaration. The main objective of creating electronic customs is the formation of a qualitatively new customs, rich “artificial intelligence”, bystrooborachivaemy, information associated with internal and external partners, smart and invisible to law-abiding businesses and productive for the state.

Improvement and technical support of the customs authorities through the introduction of new technologies is a key factor in ensuring the effective interaction of business, government and citizens.

As a result of these transformations is leveled practice is provided by the uniformity of customs operations, reduced the time of release of the goods. The introduction of digital technologies will provide high-quality customs administration and will create all conditions for the convenience of business, creating a competitive advantage for honest and law-abiding participants of foreign economic activity.

Department ol public relations, TSTU