For 2019, the customs authorities of Siberia revealed more than 600 thousand units of counterfeit products

By results of activity of customs bodies of the Siberian customs Directorate (STU) in 2019 identified 641 889 units of counterfeit products (ECP), prevented damage for the sum more than 1,5 billion roubles.

In 2019, the basic amount of counterfeit goods identified mobile groups operating in the border areas on the Russian-Kazakh border and in cooperation with territorial subdivisions of law enforcement agencies in the domestic market.

The results of this work are revealed and withdrawn more than 600 thousand ETUC (toys, blanks for shoes, lighters, sportswear and shoes, perfumes, branded trademarks “L. O. L SURPRISE”, “Feudor”, “NIKE”, “Adidas”, “Lanvin”, etc.).

Results of activities undertaken for the year 2019, customs STU opened 131 cases on administrative offenses (AP) under articles 14.10 “Illegal use of a trademark”, 7.12 “Violation of copyright and related rights, inventive and patent rights” of the Russian code of administrative offences (Cao RF).

In addition, identified the signs of offences, the proceedings in which classified in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation to the competence of other state bodies have opened 227 cases about AP articles 14.10, 7.12 “Violation of copyright and related rights, inventive and patent rights” of the administrative code of the Russian Federation, 32 criminal cases under article 180 “Illegal use of means of individualization of goods” of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation (the criminal code).

Department of public relations of STU