Federal Customs Service

Valery Pikalyov’s congratulations on Customs Veteran’s Day

Published: May 28, 2024 18:48

Dear veterans, esteemed colleagues!

On May 29, Russia celebrates Customs Veterans Day, a holiday that annually unites thousands of people who have dedicated their lives to serving their homeland!

Over its centuries-long history, the Russian Customs Service has changed and transformed dramatically, but the contribution of its close-knit staff to ensuring the economic security of our country has always been weighty and significant

And now you, dear veterans, are doing a lot of work aimed at preserving and enriching the traditions of the customs service, strengthening the patriotic spirit of young employees, passing on to them invaluable professional experience

We are proud of you and thank you for many years of hard work and emotional involvement in the process of raising a worthy succession of customs officers!

Wishing you and your loved ones good health, happiness, prosperity and inexhaustible energy!

Happy Holidays! Happy Customs Veteran’s Day!