Federal Customs Service

The Head of the Federal Customs Service of Russia Valery Pikalyov paid a working visit to the North-West Customs Directorate on May 25-26

On the first day, the head of the FCS of Russia and deputy head Alexander Povod were shown the work of the mobile inspection and examination complex at the Kunichina Gora automobile checkpoint on the Russian-Estonian border

For 4 months of 2024, the customs post has processed more than 13 thousand vehicles of international transportation and 60 thousand individuals. The average time of inspection of a vehicle with the help of MIDC does not exceed 7 minutes.

Average time of inspection of a vehicle with the help of MIDC does not exceed 7 minutes

Further Valery Pikalyov checked the progress of reconstruction of the road checkpoint Burachki on the Russian-Latvian border. He visited the renovated service and production building, which will house the controlling bodies, and discussed measures to ensure uninterrupted operation of the checkpoint and customs post during the modernization period

In the course of the reconstruction of the checkpoint it is planned to expand the area of the buildings of registration of trucks, canine service and passage of tourist groups, the existing inspection box. In addition, it is planned to build a platform for the MIDC, a new box with the possibility of inspection of goods sensitive to temperature regime, as well as modernization of communication networks, power supply, lighting, etc.

For the first 4 months of 2024, about 28.9 thousand vehicles and 64 thousand individuals were processed at IACP Burachki

Owing to the reorientation of logistic flows, road checkpoints of Pskov customs remain the busiest in the North-West region

On the second day of his visit Valery Pikalyov held a meeting on the work of the North-West and Baltic Electronic Declaration Centers. He was demonstrated the work of the AIST-M software – Customs Operations Workstation (CTO Workstation). This system allows for real-time centralized administration of all stages of electronic declaration

For 4 months of 2024 North-West Electronic Customs transferred to the budget more than 199 billion rubles, which amounted to 108.9% of the planned task. More than 162 thousand declarations for goods were issued, 84.5% of which are registered without the participation of an inspector. Strategically important goods are registered in priority order – 90% of declarations for such batches are issued in less than 4 hours

Valery Pikalyov also inspected the work of the actual control posts of the Baltic and St. Petersburg Customs

In the port of Bronka, he familiarized himself with the multifunctional marine transshipment complex and the work of the MIDC. Most of the commodity traffic at the port is new cars, empty containers (as a commodity) and fertilizers

At the Turukhtannoye customs post, the head of the FCS of Russia studied the infrastructure and the work of the MIDC. The main nomenclature of cargo arriving at the post is passenger cars, rolled steel, equipment, medical and industrial goods. Fertilizers, steel and pig iron, lumber, paper, cardboard and pulp are exported

In addition, Valery Pikalyov visited the Southern customs post of St. Petersburg customs and got acquainted with the organization of work of the temporary storage warehouse, where customs inspection is carried out in respect of imported supplies moved by road and rail transport. The main goods are equipment, horticultural and floral products, construction materials, medical equipment, raw materials, consumer goods