Federal Customs Service

Valery Pikalyov’s congratulations on Russia Day

Published: June 12, 2024 10:07 AM

Dear colleagues!

Congratulations to you on the Day of Russia!

This public holiday is an important symbol of our country’s centuries-long history, an embodiment of its rich cultural and spiritual heritage

Today we feel a special sense of pride in our Fatherland, its greatness and glory. And we pay tribute to the unity and cohesion of the multinational people of Russia, for whom the values of freedom, justice and patriotism are inviolable

On this significant day, I would like to sincerely thank all customs officers for their daily work, loyalty to their duty and dedication to the chosen cause. It is people who have always been and will always be the most important asset and the main wealth of our state

In recent years, Russia has been solving the most important strategic tasks on the world stage, fighting for its national sovereignty and traditional values. In these difficult conditions, each customs officer, protecting the economic interests of the country, makes a significant contribution to the achievement of the common goal – to serve for the benefit of our victory!

With all my heart, I wish you and your loved ones happiness, good health, prosperity and peace of mind!