FCS of Russia takes part in the formation of a digital ecosystem to support the export of

The FCS of Russia establishing the cooperation with the information system “single window” generated on a digital platform of JSC “Russian export center.” In particular, to support exports, strengthening analytical and subsidiary competences of the Centre will be organized the exchange of information of customs statistics of deep detail needed including to create a “Register of exporters” in accordance with the national project “international cooperation and exports”. These data are also necessary for work “superservice” information systems that are created now a working group under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Overchuk.

Information system “single window” is created on a digital platform of JSC “Russian export centre” in the framework of the national project “international cooperation and exports”. With the help of available it services exporters in online from the “my account” to obtain prompt access to all necessary governmental and other services, accompanying the company’s entry to the foreign market, the implementation of regular interaction with the relevant authorities already established exporters. It is expected that the system will be presented with a set of services aimed at promoting the efficient organization of exports and the promotion abroad of Russian industrial products (goods, works, services), including the organization of exhibitions and fairs, the subsidies demanded by the exporters, marketing analysts and other financial and non-financial services REC.

The new platform aims to become an important part of the digital ecosystem to support the export and the FCS of Russia takes an active part in the work on its creation. So, the system will display a service that will provide exporters with services for easy interaction with the customs authorities for customs Declaration. For this purpose between information systems of customs authorities and digital platform RECs will be organized the exchange of information, including through a unified system of interdepartmental electronic interaction (SMEV). Besides, JSC “Russian export centre” will receive the status information of the operator interaction with the customs authorities when exporting goods.

By the fall of 2020 it is planned to Refine the information system to test the exchange of digital information. It is expected that the exporters will be able to use the service until the end of 2020.

Also the FCS of Russia will take part in the launch of the “superservice” to provide financial measures of the state support. For decisions on subsidies will be based on the foreign economic activities of specific exporters that requires the use, primarily, of information from the databases of customs. Provided in the RECs data also will be used to confirm zero rate VAT.

First Deputy head of the FCS of Russia Ruslan Davydov: “Formed in cooperation with the REC services platform will considerably assist novice exporters of process of preparation for entering foreign markets and for active exporters and even reduce the cost of collecting a set of similar packages of documents for obtaining various government services and also in providing electronic Declaration, to accelerate the passage of border control. Working through such initiatives, we aim to provide comprehensive support to exporters of non-oil products”.

“The work we are doing, focused on the needs of the professional community of exporters. Interaction with Federal customs service of Russia is extremely important to us, as the use in automatic mode the data of the customs activities of exporters will allow you to very quickly and transparently to ensure the provision of state support measures, without being involved in the process of confirming this information, the participants VED. With FCS we’re already implement four service – customs clearance, confirmation of zero VAT rate and transport grants and exhibition subsidies for the exporter. Our plans include the expansion of services “One window”, including for services for licensing and certification of exports, exchange controls. Just plan to ensure the availability of more than 40 different services to 2024. An important element will be the availability and state of services and products REC of ROSEXIMBANK and EXIAR in the framework of a unified digital ecosystem exporter”, – said the head of “REC” Veronika Nikishina.


At the end of April 2020, the export center has been in trial operation the information system “single window” to improve and control characteristics of the system. The results of the work done by the interdepartmental working group consisting of representatives of FCS, FTS, CB, FSTEC and other agencies, reported Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Overchuk, which coordinates the activities of JSC “Russian export center.”

Public provision of access to services “One window” is scheduled for November 2020. To determine the further perspective plan for the development of the information system “single window”, the REC has launched a survey of existing and potential exporters. It aims to identify those services that should be available for exporters in 2021 and are the most popular and relevant to be placed on a single digital platform.


Every year customs authorities draw up about 1.5 million of export declarations. While exporters use specialized software. The new platform “single window” will become yet another convenient tool for communication.

Organization of informabon between the information systems of customs and the system of “One window” will reduce the administrative burden on the exporter: once loaded in the database of the FCS of Russia a package of documents will be automatically transferred to the new platform and, if necessary, be used by all interested Executive bodies. Thus, traders do not need to duplicate information and re-upload them into the system.