FCS: in 2019 filed by more than 18 thousand messages with preliminary information about goods transported by water transport

More than 18 thousand messages with preliminary information about goods intended for importation into the customs territory of the EAEU and water transport (and vehicles) submitted since the introduction of the July 1, 2019 mandatory preliminary information.

Customs authorities use the information for preliminary risk assessment and making preliminary decisions about the choice of objects of customs control and measures to ensure its execution – before the actual arrival of goods and vehicles on customs territory of the EAEU.

In case of representation of stakeholders of the enlarged preliminary information (detailed information about the products and their codes in accordance with ENVED the EEU, weight, labelling, etc.), such information can be used in subsequent stages of operations with the goods – placing goods in temporary storage, the opening of the transit procedure, etc., so as to expedite the performance of customs operations and to optimize the performance of customs control.

For registration of arrival and departure of vessels and goods transported by them uses the software Portal “seaport”. The portal operates on the principle of single window: this is an informational platform ensuring interaction between all participants of process of processing of goods and vehicles in the marine checkpoints (FCS of Russia, the Rosselkhoznadzor, Rospotrebnadzor, the Federal Border service of Russia, carriers, traders, administrations of seaports marine terminal operators/stevedoring companies, etc.).

Currently, in order to optimize the registration of arrival/departure of goods and means of transport regulate the transition to paperless. The most important condition for such a transition is for the carrier (or a person acting on his behalf) and other interested parties of documents and information in electronic form, certified by digital signature, in KPS Portal “seaport”. There is also the possibility of taking provisional decisions on the ship and the goods on the basis of the preliminary information submitted prior to vessel arrival.

As of December 15, 2019 furnished over 57 million messages about the arrival and about 59 million messages about the departure of the vessel. For 2018 were issued about 35 thousand and 31 thousand, respectively. More than 90% of cases, marine cases are issued in electronic form.

The use of KPS “Portal port” allows to reduce time of clearance of goods in sea ports by a single submission of information in electronic form. Represented in a system a package of documents on the ship and transported them to the goods is made available to all participants in the process within the framework of their powers.

Currently, access to a KPS Portal “seaport” is at all customs authorities involved in operations in sea (river) ports.

Improving operations, going paperless, using KPS “Portal port” will significantly reduce the time of control of the courts and move their goods.

The business community of the Commission on development of customs administration in the marine checkpoints of the Advisory Council for implementation of customs policy under FCS of Russia noted the significant role of the PCC Portal “seaport” in the acceleration and improvement of information interaction between the ports.


Send preliminary information to the customs body in electronic form with use of information services of the Personal Cabinet of participant of foreign economic activity.