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Chita customs officers at the Zabaikalsk border crossing point clear new goods – blueberries

Published: May 31, 2024 03:04

Chita customs officers have cleared 7 consignments of blueberries from China at the Zabaikalsk checkpoint since February 2024. This is the first time the goods have been cleared at the customs post, the berries arrive not only in the stores of Chita, but also transit to all cities of Russia

Blackberries arrive at the border crossing point Zabaikalsk by truck

Totally more than 18 tons of berries worth 272.7 thousand yuan have been cleared since February 2024 up to now.

Customs control over blueberries is soon to be established at the Zabaikalsk border crossing point

Customs officers prioritize customs control of perishable goods.

Customs officers have been carrying out customs control of perishable goods

Marina Boyko,

Press secretary of Chita Customs

Marina Boyko

boiko-customs@yandex.ru 8 (3022) 35-76-12