Far Eastern Customs Administration

The court imposed a fine on a resident of the Irkutsk region for illegally exporting a five-liter Tula samovar to Mongolia. The antique kitchen utensil was found by officers of the customs post of the DAPP Mondy of the Buryat Customs in the luggage compartment of a car.

When inspecting the car, the customs officers’ attention was attracted by a flaming samovar of “shot glass” shape with a branding on the lid “VЪ TUL M.E. Vanykin”. VANYKIN”. The citizen, leaving for Mongolia, did not enter the samovar in the customs declaration and did not present any authorization documents to the customs inspector

According to the man, the samovar has been in his personal use for 8 years. He traveled to Mongolia for fishing, and the samovar was brought for personal needs (to boil water), not for sale

Nevertheless, the object of the offense was seized and sent for examination. According to the expert’s conclusion, the samovar was made of brass in the period from 1904 to 1914 and is recognized as a cultural value created more than 100 years ago. Presumably the samovar was cast at the factory of the famous Tula merchant Yegor Alexandrovich Vanykin, where exquisite samples of samovars were produced

Alexander Zhukov, head of the customs post of DAPP Mondy, said that export of cultural property by individuals for personal use is carried out with mandatory customs declaration and with the provision of authorization documents (conclusion of the Ministry of Culture of Russia) to the customs authority. The conclusion on the export of cultural property is issued in each case of export

The man was given administrative fines for non-compliance with prohibitions and restrictions, as well as for non-declaration of goods. Since the citizen did not have information about the samovar belonging to cultural property, the court recognized the offense of negligence. After the fines are paid, the samovar will be returned to the owner

When traveling abroad, citizens are advised to familiarize themselves with the rules for moving goods for personal use, which can be found on the FCS website in the “Individuals” section.


Evgenia Kurbatova,

Spokeswoman of the Buryat Customs,

Kurbatovaeg@dvtu.customs.gov.ru, 8 (3012) 289 078