Dedicated To The Victory Day

Dedicated To The Victory Day

May 8, in the Saratov customs passed the festive events devoted to the 75th anniversary of the great Victory.

The global pandemic has made adjustments. Instead of the solemn ceremonies was prepared the festive issue of the radio newspaper, in which congratulations to the staff asked the acting chief of the Saratov customs Alexey Tarasov.

In his speech he noted that the 75th anniversary of the Victory is the main event in just 2020. On the eve of the anniversary date of the Saratov customs was declared the event “Notes of memory” for the holiday on the website of the Volga customs Dept has already been posted dozens of videos sent from different cities of Russia with songs and poems dedicated to the great Patriotic war. Work in this direction will continue until the end of this year.

“For our citizens 9 may is a special day. Thanks to the great Victory we have a peaceful future. The Soviet people unprecedented courage and heroism at the front and in the rear have defended our country and the world from fascism, – said Alexey Tarasov. – We will never forget, the cost of this Victory. Low bow to veterans of the great Patriotic war, suffered and gave us this great holiday.”

The management of customs, the trade Union organization and the youth Council congratulated the personnel Department with the Victory Day. In memory of those who defended freedom and independence of our Motherland was declared a moment of silence. After which are located on the territory of the Saratov customs monuments to Marshal Georgy Zhukov and the Holy Nobleborn Prince Alexander Nevsky was laid flowers.

Anatoly Poluboyarov,
the press Secretary of the Saratov customs