Customs seized more than a quarter of a million rubles

Customs seized more than a quarter of a million rubles

During the customs control of the international flight “Mineralnye Vody – Istanbul” officials Mineralovodsky customs post revealed a failure to declare $7630 and 423 100 rollers.

Man, flying with friends to Turkey, taking advantage of the double corridor system for customs control, follow the “green” corridor, thereby declared that he had no goods subject to mandatory Declaration.

“The international airport “Mineral Water” operates a system of double corridor, providing the possibility of passing through the green channel flying abroad or arriving from abroad passengers, in Luggage where there are no goods subject to mandatory written Declaration. If available, required a Declaration, and the passenger must choose “red” corridor,” commented the chief of Mineralovodsky customs post Sergey Kashchenko.

In the customs control zone, the man has put on many their things and passed through a metal detector, and was then invited to the front of the customs inspector. To the question: “whether a citizen Filled the passenger customs Declaration?” explained that is not filled. The control question of the inspector of customs “have the passenger cash?” he answered that there were, and presented to the inspector for counting the available money. It was found that the total amount submitted for counting of cash totaled $423 7630 and 100.

272 500 rubles, exceeding the equivalent of 10 000 US dollars, were seized and placed in the storage chamber of the evidence Mineralovodsky customs. On the given fact criminal case concerning an administrative offense under article 16.4 of the administrative code “failure to Declare or false Declaration of individuals cash and (or) monetary instruments”. By law, the offender faces a penalty of from one-half to two times the amount of undeclared cash, or confiscation of currency, which became the subject of an administrative offense.

Julia Kutaka,
a press-the Secretary of Mineralovodsky customs