Customs post of the Krasnodar Airport became the best in Russia air checkpoint

Pennant of the chief of a customs post Paul Barmanou gave the head of the Federal customs service Vladimir Bulavin for the final Board meeting of FCS of Russia. First team post the winner in the nomination “the Best team of the customs office in a non-vehicle checkpoint (sea (river), rail, air)”.

The honorable status of the winner by the end of 2019 was first received at the regional stage of the competition (among the customs authorities of the southern customs Directorate), and then at the Federal level.

The team of thousands of foiled administrative offences and crimes: arrests of narcotic substances and potent drugs, monetary funds in large sizes, jewelry, flora and fauna objects, cultural and historical values, as well as commercial consignments of goods imported under the guise of goods for personal use.

Highly qualified and professionally trained staff, educated and experienced heads of departments of the customs office, modern software and technical means of customs control are those tools that allow the staff of the post to get the best results in work and raise the quality of customs administration.

– The main activities of the post are: customs operations in respect of aircraft in international transport, freights and goods transported by individuals in Luggage and hand Luggage when crossing the customs border of the Eurasian economic Union, – said the head of the customs office Paul Basmanov. – The most attention we have paid to the fight against smuggling and violations of customs and currency legislation.

The history of the Airport customs post of the Krasnodar began in March 1992, when the local airport began its first international flights. Over the years, the unit, initially composed of 11 inspectors, rose to one of the largest in the customs: today, we are serving 79 people.

In 2019, officials of the customs post feature over 5880 aircraft for the international carriage and of the order of 820 thousand passengers. Foreign trade turnover in the region of the post made over 181 million dollars in volume terms exceeded 141 thousand tons, decorated with the order of 2700 of goods declarations.

In 2019 the customs post in the Federal budget were transferred to about 745 million rubles.

Tatiana Burmistrova, the press Secretary of the Krasnodar customs