Customs officers CFO discussed the issues of protection of intellectual property rights

In the Bryansk customs held a seminar-training on the protection of rights to objects of intellectual property and fight against counterfeit products.

The seminar was attended by representatives of the owners of trademarks “Philip Morris”, “SKF”, “JUUL”, “Duracell”, “Apple”, “Christian Dior”, “Chanel”, “US” and other specialists of the Bryansk branch of the Central forensic customs control, officials of the Central customs administration and the Bryansk customs. Online discussion on struggle with penetration on the domestic market of counterfeit goods joined in all customs offices of the Central Federal district.

Before present were Elena gnusina specialist regarding protection of rights to objects of intellectual property customs headquarters.

Now the counterfeit goods are present in all sectors of economic activity. Such products often do not meet safety requirements and may cause significant harm to the life and health of the population, so it is important to prevent it from entering the Russian market, – said Elena gnusina, Work in this direction we conduct in close cooperation with rights holders and law enforcement agencies.

The seminar discussed the law enforcement practice on protection of rights to objects of intellectual property.

The copyright holders provided to customs guidance, emphasizing in their presentations, how to distinguish counterfeit products from the original.

The President of the Association of rights Holders, licensees, importers and distributors of “BASIS” Oksana Kuzmenko thanked the customs officers for work on the protection of intellectual property rights, and noted the practical importance of the seminar for all participants.

The participants stressed the need to continue to communicate in this format.

Catherine Masterenko,

press Secretary of the Bryansk customs / таможенные брокеры россии