Custom: origin of the goods must confirm

With the aim of reducing the number of inspections, Novosibirsk customs reminds the participants of foreign trade about the requirements for confirmation of origin of goods similar to those in respect of which the measures to protect the domestic market.

The rules for determining the origin of goods imported into the customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union (non-preferential rules) approved by the Board of the Eurasian economic Commission No. 49 dated July 13, 2018.

According to non-preferential rules for goods imported were similar to those in respect of which the measures to protect the domestic market, their origin must be proved by the certificate of origin. However, in cases of confirmation of compliance with applicable measures to protect the domestic market or, if the total customs value of the goods does not exceed an amount equivalent to 150 US dollars, the declarant shall have the right to provide a certificate of origin. In this case, the origin of goods is confirmed by a Declaration of origin of goods.

Non-preferential rules establish requirements for the certificate of origin, including the minimum set of information that needs to be reflected in the certificate.

To confirm the origin of goods in non-preferential order allowed the application of certificate of origin used in preferential trade (e.g. the certificate of origin form “A”). In this case, the count of certificate for service marks should include the stamp “for non-preferential purposes,” “for non-preferential purposes” or “a des fins non preferentielles”.

However, in cases when the declared goods are eligible for tariff preferences and at the same time in respect of this category of goods the measures of protection of internal market, the origin of the goods is separate: for the purposes of tariff preferences – preferential certificate of origin of goods for the purpose of confirmation measures to protect the domestic market – non-preferential certificate of origin.

In accordance with subparagraph 2 of paragraph 6 of article 314 of the customs code of the EAEU, if the origin of goods is considered to be the unofficial anti-dumping duties is calculated on the basis of the highest rates of anti-dumping duties imposed on goods of the same code according to the FEACN of the cu and (or) names, unless otherwise provided in accordance with the Treaty on the Eurasian economic Union dated 29.05.2014.

Memo on the application of non-preferential rules posted on the official website of the Eurasian economic Commission.

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Tatiana Suprunova,

a press-the Secretary Novosibirsk customs