Criminal case about application of violence against an employee of the Birobidzhan customs

Criminal case about application of violence against an employee of the Birobidzhan customs

A resident of the Jewish Autonomous region has used brute force against the Birobidzhan customs officers performing their duties at the checkpoint Nizhneleninskoye. On this fact criminal case is brought.

As the chief Nursescope customs post Sergey Kondratyev, in the passenger hall of the checkpoint Nizhneleninskoye head of Department of special customs procedures applied to arrived from China to a Russian citizen with the requirement to provide for customs control of imported goods. However, the Russians showed aggression to the official of the customs authority and willfully left the customs control zone.

Khabarovsk investigatory Department on transport of far East investigatory management on transport SK of Russia has instituted against the citizen criminal case under part 1 of article 318 of the criminal code – using violence against a representative of authority in connection with the performance of their official duties.

The sanction of this article prescribes punishment in the form of a fine in the amount up to 200 thousand rubles or the salary or other income condemned for the period till 18 months, or compulsory works for the term up to 5 years, or arrest for a term up to 6 months or imprisonment for up to 5 years.


In accordance with article 322 of the Customs code of the Eurasian economic Union under the customs control, the customs authorities apply the following forms of customs control: the receiving the explanation, check the customs and other documents and (or) information, customs inspection, customs clearance personal customs clearance, customs inspection of premises and territories for customs inspection.

Elena Verbitskaya,

the press service of the Birobidzhan customs (42622) 40409