Chelyabinsk customs officers detained 5 kilometers of fishing nets

Chelyabinsk customs officers detained 5 kilometers of fishing nets

Mobile group of the Chelyabinsk customs together with employees of the Border Department of the FSB of Russia in the Chelyabinsk region revealed 5 km prohibited fishing nets.

The truck “Volvo” with the consumer goods were stopped at the checkpoint through the state border “Bumpy” (Chelyabinsk region). In the course of customs inspection it was found that, in addition to accessories for mobile phones, clothing and shoes, in the car found 200 fishing nets, which were not declared in the shipping documents.

“Preservation of water biological resources, the law does not allow the importation into the territory Russia synthetic networks, – says Denis Tsymbal, head of the customs control after release of goods of the Chelyabinsk customs. – Product was sent for examination, which confirmed that the data networks are gear and made from synthetic materials.”

Almost 100 kg a 25-metre Chinese gear drove from Alma-ATA to Novosibirsk.

The goods, worth about 50 thousand rubles seized, criminal case concerning an administrative offense under article 16.3 of the administrative code. The sanction of article prescribes punishment in the form of a fine with confiscation.

Natalia Starikova, press Secretary of the Chelyabinsk customs