Changing places: the staff of the Ural customs administration on the day were issuing inspectors

Changing places: the staff of the Ural customs office on the day the inspectors began issuing

Training place to practice individual customs operations in the AIS “AIST-M” organized in the Ural electronic customs specifically for employees of the Executive office. Key databases for students of disabled, but the mechanism and procedure for declarations for goods remained unchanged.

The representatives of customs showed on concrete examples of your activities. The issue of the Declaration of goods include a number of actions of the inspector: inspection of the customs Declaration, registration or denial of registration; conduct documentary control, the application of forms of customs control and measures providing carrying out of customs control; create request electronic documents, the filling in of report on risks extension of the term of release of goods in the goods Declaration, release of goods.

“The process of customs operations is rapidly changing and we all need to keep their finger on the pulse. The service of the customs control organization Management sees the end result – the release of DT. Colleagues looked at the issue of the Declaration with the other hand and using the other software product. In my opinion, such studies should be carried out on a regular basis”, – said the teacher of the seminar, head of Department of organization of customs procedures and customs control of the customs Eugene Mihatov.

At the end of the two-day training supervising customs officials have completed proposed test tasks.

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